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Enhance your photos with our Urban Night Premium Lightroom Presets. Ideal for urban night tone edits, adventure night photos, city light portrait pictures, night cinematic images, night photography photos, urban night photos, portrait night tone pictures and many more. Create stunning content with our Urban Night Tones lightroom filters which are Perfect for night photographers, influencers, and anyone who wants a urban night look.

Get that cinematic and edgy night tone instantly with our FREE Urban Night Lightroom Presets. Enhance your night photography with our urban night Free Lightroom Presets! Tested on over 67 photos to make it perfect for you, these presets can help you achieve a cinematic and urban night inspired looks to your photos.

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These Urban Night Lightroom Presets are :
  • Compatible with all photo formats.
  • Works with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.
  • Available in DNG & XMP Files for both Mobile and Desktop.

How to download Free Lightroom Presets :
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  • Telegram : https://t.me/LightroomPresets_FreePresets
  • YouTube : www.youtube.com/@AmmanPresetsSTORE
  • Collect the PASSWORD from this "Urban Night Presets Video".
  • Then Scroll down to find "Enter Password to get FREE Presets" section. Then enter the "PASSWORD" that you have collected from respective video and hit blue color "DOWNLOAD" button and hit "OK".
  • Then "DOWNLOAD" button will appear. Click it and wait 15 seconds, then click "DOWNLOAD FILE" to download your presets.
  • Else you watch this YouTube Video (How To DOWNLOAD).
  • Need help or Got a questions? Lets chat on Instagram.

Urban Night Lightroom Presets Tutorial
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How to Use/Import Lightroom Presets :

For Mobile (DNG) : 
  • Open Lightroom Mobile App.
  • Then add your respective Lightroom preset (DNG File) by clicking add photos button (on bottom right corner).
  • After you have added the Preset, Then open the same DNG File In Lightroom Mobile App, Then tap on three dots present on the top right corner of your screen & now click "Copy Settings" and then open your photo (In Lightroom Mobile App) That you want to apply preset. Now again tap on three dots present on the top right corner of your screen & now tap "Paste Settings".
For Desktop (XMP) :
  • Open Adobe Lightroom on your Laptop/PC.
  • Then you will find (PRESETS) section with (+) symbol, tap that (+) and then "IMPORT PRESETS".

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Features :
  • Free to download our presets.
  • Premium colors and tones.
  • Usable in Lightroom Mobile and Desktop.
  • Easy to download and use.
  • Fully compatible with all versions of Lightroom, Photoshop and Lightroom Mobile (No Subscription Needed).
  • Take your editing to the next level.

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Note (Changes to make) :
These presets are a great starting point! To personalize the look further, consider making some adjustments to the following settings like (Exposure, Contrast, Highlights and Saturation).

Disclaimer :
Get all our premium Lightroom presets for free on this website by Amman Patro.

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